Annual Singing Competition of GreenLawns High School

Greenlawns High School hosted their annual singing competition “Megh Malhar 2015” at Sophia Bhabha Hall.The annual singing show "MEGH MALHAR 2015" marked the presence of some talented bunch of young singers. The attendees & judges witnessed the aura of its unmatched credibility through the best in class mentors showcasing the finest singers, which left the whole auditorium speechless. “MEGH MALHAR 2015” is one such platform which nurtures the hidden talents of budding singers. An ultimate singing platform for kids, with a rich legacy of over many years.

The Annual Singing Show “MEGH MALHAR 2015” was judged by: - Aneel Murarka, Leslie Lewis, Kavita Seth, Ravindra Jain, Roop Kumar Rathod & Sonali Rathod & Vipul Roy.

Commenting on the intrinsic melody of “Megh Malhar 2015”, Industrialist & Philanthropist Aneel Murarka attributes the magnificence and splendor of classical music to the contribution of musicologists from the Vedic era and later the conception, invention and classification of the ragas in patent forms. Each raga exudes its own aura, perfectly in tune with the mood or sentiment inspired by the seasonal cycles.

"Megh Malhar retains the opulence and fervor of the rainy season, evoking romance in all its moods: - joy, longing and even pangs of separation. Music maestros have woven many compositions to depict the Raas Leela of Lord Krishna with His divine consort Radha during the rainy season," says Aneel Murarka

“The students who exhibited their vocal prowess surely have attained knowledge about Megh Malhars. I am glad that the faculty of the school thought of me to be worthy to judge the singing competition among st the likes of the singing maestros” adds Aneel Murarka.

PROMINENT seasonal ragas which evoke human emotions and sentiments in eloquent and irresistible ways include “Megh Malhar”, which has many derivatives and its intrinsic melody and beauty can best be relished when sung in the months of July and August.