Kareena Kapoor Khan sports eco-friendly clothing!

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Kareena Kapoor Khan who has always been a trendsetter in terms of the looks she sports onscreen, is also admired by young girls for outfits she sports offscreen.

The actress who inevitably looks picture perfect in whatever she wears, has always preferred comfort over fashion offscreen and is often seen sporting casual, low maintenance clothes that she is most comfortable in.

Sources reveal that Kareena has now taken up to eco-friendly fashion in a huge way- While the outfits she sported in Maldives while she vacationed there created a splash on the social media platform, very few know that the actress was sporting eco-friendly creations with fabrics that allow not just the skin to breathe but the environment too.

Kareena has been wearing and encouraging friends and family to wear clothing designed with organic and non-toxic material like organic cotton, linen, hand-dyed fabrics, vegetable tanned leather, organic wool, tencel ,recycled polyester and other such materials that are environmentally conscious .She believes that not only do they help the environment but also makes you feel better with the kind of climate we have in India.

For the actress, less is more, has always been the motto and while she does understand that she cannot encourage or sport eco friendly looks onscreen, she enjoys wearing them offscreen.

Says Kareena's spokesperson, " Kareena does sport a lot of eco-friendly clothing .It is her way of doing her bit for the environment. She also feels its well suited for our climate"