Kush Sinha is Sonakshi's biggest fan


The recent performance of Sonakshi Sinha at IIFA rocks has earned her oodles of fans. But, before she left for her performance, she was a little nervous, since her parents wouldn't be seeing her perform. That's when her Brother Kush decided to fly with his sister for her performance.

Sonakshi not only won't hearts of her Fan, but found her biggest fan in her Brother. Kush was so impressed seeing his younger sister perform he even tweeted praising Sonakshi post each of her performances, Sonakshi was honored and replied saying it must really be good if I've managed to get a compliment out of you.

Sonakshi was also a very hospitable sister in law taking Taruna all around at the latter's first IIFA outing.

Well, all we can say is Bhai ho toh Aisa !