Vivek Oberoi for his next Indo-Canadian project will be learning 7 languages

Vivek Oberoi who will next be seen in Great Grand Masti has been approached for an Indo-Canadian film.

The actor has been offered the role of a Sikh who travels from India to Canada.While the script is still in its development stage ,sources reveal that Vivek will be cast opposite a Canadian actress .

The director of the film was a former AD on Zilla Ghaziabad ,who is now based in Canada and has directed several short films. The movie will be in English and dubbed in Hindi as well , with hopes to release it in Canada, UK and India.

Source close to movie say that Vivek character goes to Canada for further studies and lands in situation were he is been stuck with people of 7 different countries and he has to interact with them in their language (canidian accent English ,German,French,Chinese,Spanish,Italian,Dutch and Mandirian)

Vivek Quote

It is difficult ofcourse but I enjoy it as it helps improve a skill is challenging but luckily I know a lot of people who converse in different languages so there is ample opportunity to practise...and I personally enjoy talking in different languages ... technology is such today that there are so many tutorials and applications at the click of a button that allows you to learn at your convenience. ...and I do enjoy saying I love you to my kids in French