​Emraan Hashmi announces his book “The Kiss Of Life--How A Superhero & My Son Defeated Cancer”.

Emraan Hashmi may have always played the hero in the span of his career, however, the actor reveals that in reality it is his son Ayaan who is the true “superhero”.

Ayaan who was in remission has defeated cancer, inspiring the tag line of his book “How a Superhero & My Son Defeated Cancer” .

The book published by Penguin ,is co-authored by Bilal Siddiqi and traces the effect the disease can have on a child and his emotional journey from diagnosis, through the treatment, to being cancer free for 2 years.

Talking about how he eased his young one into battling cancer says Emraan, “We scripted a fairytale around his fave superheroes, Iron Man and Batman, fictionalising the illness and inspiring him to fight back.I’m proud the kind of wisdom he has despite being just six years old .He is already so grown up and a superhero with powers of his own”. It was a challenging time in the family’s life and along the way the actor-father developed a strong sense of empathy and need to go out there and educate people about the disease.

The book was a therapeutic experience for the actor and Emraan now wants to give hope to parents and people in general ,whose loved one’s are battling cancer.

Says Emraan,“I did a lot of research and know that there are medical and natural interventions that stop cancer in its tracks,This book is not only about Ayaan's fight, it's also about my fight in my 13-year journey in the film industry.“