Esha Gupta’s fan surprises her with a hand-painted sketch of her!

Esha Gupta’s ardent fan and artist Seda Durgaryan from Armenia (located in Eastern Europe and Western Asia), recently shared a hand-made sketch of the actress on her social networking site.

Seda, also a model-fashion designer from Armenia, claims to be the biggest fan of Esha to the extent that she decided to sketch a painting of her favourite actress.

If sources are to be believed, Seda who has been following Esha’s work closely was mesmerised by her beauty and look of her latest photo shoot for a leading fashion magazine cover. And so she decided to sketch the same cover and shared it with Esha on her Twitter account.

Esha is flattered by her fan’s kind gesture and affection and thanked her for the same. Interestingly, Seda tried to approach Esha through her team requesting the fashion icon to be her muse!


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