Lucky Morani, Madhurima Nigam and Urvashi Sharma Joshi to make their theatre debut with Paritosh Pai

Theatre Personality Paritosh Painter released a New Hindi Play SELFIE… Paritosh who has delivered hit comedy plays like Double Trouble / Whose Wife Is It Anyway? / See No Evil, Here No Evil, Speak No Evil / Get Rid Of My Wife / Women Decoded / Liar Liar / Madhouse / Amar Akbar Ann Tony / I Do, I Don’t / I love You 2 - is back with a New Hindi Play SELFIE which has an ALL WOMEN CAST...

Both Rupali & Urvashi had taken a break after their marriage, but now they are back.

Also for Paritosh this will be the first time he will be diverting from his usual Comedy to “Intense” Theatre production.

SELFIE - a revelation of facts. It is the story of 5 Women who are at the crossroads of life, waiting for that one twist of fate, that one pull - which can catapult them from the rut, from the monotony of life. But instead, they all come face to face, with their own reflections, to find a stark reality. Eventually a drastic turn of events take place that everyone is left numb.

And all happens in a rather light-hearted way.

The play is Adapted & Directed By Paritosh Painter

Produced By Ideas The Entertainment Company