A Dwarf puts Trideviyaan in a fix

Sony SAB’s Trideviyaan, Dhanu (Aishwarya Sakhuja), Tanu (Samaira Rao) and Manu (Shalini Sahuta) who have been hiding their secret identity from the society will be hoaxed by a Dwarf (K. K Goswami) who steals a specially designed missile made by a scientist for the Indian Army. Trideviyaan which airs on Sony SAB at 9.30pm from Monday to Friday, is yet to face another challenge in the upcoming track.

Shaurya and Trideviyaan both are on the same mission to catch a dwarf who stole a special missile. Tracking the missile’s location, Trideviyaan reach to the dwarf’s location but the shrewd dwarf dodges them at every moment with his special skills to go from one direction to another within seconds. With great struggle, Trideviyaan succeed in catching the dwarf and help Shaurya in arresting him. Later, when Shaurya organizes a press conference, he realizes that the dwarf who he had arrested doesn’t have the real missile. The one with specially designed real missile is still at a run. He faces humiliation in the press conference. Astonished and bemused with the entire scenario, Trideviyaan try to analyze how the dwarf was at the same location of the missile and why was he chasing them when he was not the convict.

How will Trideviyaan solve this mystery? Will Dhanu be able to restore Shaurya’s reputation?

Commenting on this new challenge, Aishwarya Sakhuja a.k.a Dhanu said, “This is a very interesting track where Trideviyaan catches the wrong thief. The role is played by K.K Goswami who is a very good actor and a comedian.

He has a very peculiar funny trait. Thus we could easily manage our comedy timing with him. It was fun to shoot with him.”