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Its a beautiful song and the uniqueness of the song is that it's been shot when both are in separate places. Madhav is locked down in Gurdaspur and Angela is in Mumbai yet they shot it in their respective places. It’s a surprise that we can see Angela Krislinzki debuting as a lyricist. We spoke to Madhav and here is what he has to say, "I am here in Gurdaspur with my parents. My parents are doctors and we have a hospital so we could shoot. We shot with actual health professionals here. Though despite being together, i hardly get the chance to see my parents because they are busy fighting the coronavirus pandemic for the nation. This song has got angela and me really close and we now understand each other even better staying so far. The lyrics are written by Angela and for the first time she has penned down the lyrics. Its a new feather in her cap. The song is a tribute to the health workers and other officials who are working really hard to make our lives better during the coronavirus pandemic."

We also called up Angela and here is what she shares, " It's an emotional song for me. We are in two far away places and we have not been able to meet for a long time now. This has made us realise a lot of things. We generally complain about so many things but we struggle for basics when nature takes its course. We are closer than ever now. There is a cute twist in the song where you can see us getting married online. I am glad that it's releasing and there is something for the audience to get entertained. I have written the lyrics for the first time and I hope the audience likes it. " We have heard a little bit of the song and we promise that it's a beautiful song. We are awaiting the release of the song and we salute all the health warriors and the people who are working round the clock to secure us and makes our lives easier. We are really looking forward to the song.


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