Zee Anmol’S Magnum Opus Drama ‘Bandhan Janam Janam Ka’ To Explore The Power Of Love In Its Truest Form

It is said that true love is eternal that transcends all boundaries, even of time and era. Matches once made in heaven are forever and there is no power that can tear them apart! Celebrating timeless love going beyond lifetimes, adorned with royalty and opulence, is Zee Anmol’s new offering ‘Bandhan Janam Janam Ka’. Set against a fascinating backdrop of royalty, jealousy, vengeance, aspirations, insecurities and mysteries, the show is a tale of two star-crossed lovers Gayatri and Rana Indravadhan Singh Deo that explores the dynamics of all that transpires behind the four walls of an imperial palace. The show will premiere on 25th June and air at 9:30 PM every Monday to Sunday.

Bandhan Janam Janam Ka is a magnum opus packed with a stellar ensemble cast that includes the strikingly attractive Drashti Dhami as the leading lady Gayatri, a girl-next-door who is strong-headed and fights for her rights. The handsome Siddhant Karnick will play the male lead, Ranaji Indravadan Singh Deo, the intense and brooding prince of the royal family of Amerkot. Joining the duo is none other than the noted Bollywood actor who entertained the audiences with her films through the 80’s, the charming Anita Raj. Television's favourite Dadi Sa, the powerhouse of talent - veteran actor Surekha Sikri and the remarkably talented, National award-winning actor Darshan Zariwala will also join this ensemble playing pivotal roles. Playing other interesting parts will be the enchanting Moon Bannerjee and popular actor Akshay Anand.

Stay tuned to Bandhan Janam Janam Ka, starting 25th June, every Monday to Sunday at 9:30 PM, only on Zee Anmol!