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A Police Officer pens his life...

“Unbounded: My experiments with Law, Physics, Policing and Super 30- Bihar’s most celebrated police officer, Abhayanand, pens a compelling treatise on his life’s experiments from the four decades of his policing career

Launch saw the presence of Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka, Raayo S Bakhirta, Anjali Pandey, Shanthipriya, Kunickaa Sadanand, & many more

Published by Rupa Publications

Mumbai - Set against the backdrop of significant events, the book is masterclass in courage, resilience and leadership. “Unbounded: My experiments with Law, Physics, Policing and Super 30”, published by Rupa Publications, has catapulted to a Best Seller position on Amazon within a month of its launch.

This book is a gripping tale of how a police officer in the badlands of Bihar professed and practiced the use of law over lathi and could create long lasting ripples in the world of crime. Every incident in the book gives a peek into his scientific mind that led him to successfully tame crime without using State terror. It also documents the birth of the world famous social experiment named Super 30. It is a must have on the shelves of not only bureaucrats and police officials but anyone who is interested to know how policing can be done through brain rather than brawn.

An offline launch event was held in Mumbai on Sunday. Ashwani Kumar, Professor and Dean of TISS participated in the event to deftly bring out the key essence of the book for the readers. Rituraj, a ex-IPS officer from the Bihar cadre anchored the event and shared his personal experiences with respect to the book’s main theme, Law and Policing. Chaitanya Arya, a Super 30 alumnus who after graduating from IIT Delhi, is currently doing his PhD in Nano Physics at the University of Basel in Switzerland joined in virtually to talk about Super 30.

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