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We all have a dream, something that we base our lives on and want to turn into reality. But what happens when an entire family hinges on a single dream, generations after generations, and wish that one day it will be fulfilled?

Presenting a story of hope, love, passion, and dreams will be COLORS' new show Udaariyan. Tucked away in the heartland of Punjab, the story will trace the journey of the Sandhu family who fiercely dreams of moving to Canada but destiny always plays a spoilsport and foils their plans

They now see the same dream through the eyes of their daughters Jasmine and Tejo who seem to be inching close to turning it into a reality

Fateh, a boxer who loves Jasmine immensely but fate keeps putting Tejo in his path

Priyanka Chahar who plays Tejo Said, “This is my first show with COLORS, and I am very excited to be working alongside such a wonderful team. The show’s concept is quite unique, and I am glad to have landed with such a beautiful role. My character Tejo is a very rooted and simple girl, and I can completely relate to her as my personality is a lot like her.”

Talking about her role, Isha Malviya who plays Jasmine said, “I am making my television debut with the show, and I am extremely thrilled about working with COLORS. My character's dream of going to Canada is a reality for many in Punjab and a lot of people will relate with my character.”

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