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As part of Covid-19 relief, actress Aakanksha Singh organised a food distribution drive in her hometown, Jaipur, recently. Now, she auctioned her wardrobe to raise funds for Covid-19 relief in mumbai. “I thought I would give away my wardrobe to help Covid-19 patients. I hope people come together to help me with the cause and buy the clothes I am putting on sale,” says the actress.

Aakanksha feels that these are tough times for everyone and it’s imperative that public figures realise that they have an added responsibility to set a precedent for others. “The pandemic has hit us hard and the current situation is really sad. There are so many people who are struggling with hospital expenses, lack of oxygen cylinders and other healthcare-related issues. Public figures have a greater responsibility to do their bit as they can motivate people to come together and extend a helping hand,” says the Pailwan (2019) actress.

She adds that she is happy with the way the film industry has unified to help the needy meet the requirements due to the pandemic. Aakanksha says, “It’s great that people from our industry are using social media to provide help. My only request to everybody is to only post the verified leads because it otherwise might delay the help to those who need it urgently.”

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