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Zee TV has been a trend-setter in shaping television content over the past three decades. Through its varied narratives touching upon a range of subjects close to the hearts of the great Bharatiya middle class, the channel has always endeavoured to make its viewers pause and reflect on their mindsets and bring about a positive change in society.

Introducing yet another interesting story, Zee TV’s next primetime drama Rishton Ka Manjha explores the intense love story of Diya and Arjun who happen to have very contrasting outlooks towards life. Based in Kolkata, Diya is a Bengali girl bursting with positivity and a never-say-die approach, and she hopes to build a meaningful life for herself and support her middle-class family. On the other hand, Arjun is a wounded soldier of a former Badminton champ who comes from an affluent Marwadi business family. He has given up on life after a scandal jeopardizes his career and even his near and dear ones don’t support him through his most testing times! How Diya shines the light of optimism and reinforces Arjun’s belief in her philosophy – “If all isn’t well, it isn’t the end” forms the crux of the show.

Essaying the role of Diya will be Aanchal Goswami and the show’s male lead Arjun will be played by none other than Krushal Ahuja.

Talking about her new role Aanchal Goswami said, “My character in the show boasts a lot about positivity and revolves around the belief that every cloud has a silver lining. I’m extremely glad to have got this role because not only is it challenging, but it’s a huge milestone in my career graph. I’ve always been cast for supporting characters, but this character marks my debut as a lead which gives me immense pleasure and pride to take on this role wholeheartedly. In fact, I must say that while there are certain characters that just fit in with time, Diya’s character was quite an effortless one because I feel that she and Aanchal are more or less alike. Bringing her alive is going to be a really exciting yet challenging journey and I can’t wait to see how the audience is going to react. Their blessings and love have really taken me far and I think the best time of my acting career has finally come with Rishton Ka Manjha.”

Will Diya be able to shine her torch and show Arjun the way back to hope and positivity with her never-say-die approach towards life?

Watch Rishton Ka Manjha, 23rd August onwards Monday to Saturday at 7pm only on Zee TV


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