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As Mujhse Shaadi Karoge is moving forward, things are getting spiced up between the housemates. Tehran Bakshi in his turn to break the bottle suggested that according to him Aanchal Khurana is a faking it up in the show.

Both Tehran Bakshi and Aanchal entered the show together as wild card contestants but it was clearly seen that Aanchal had zoomed forward was doing good with Paras Chhabra constantly supporting her. This success had rubbed some housemates in the wrong manner and they all tried to gang up against Aanchal.

Upset over this, Paras even offered to quit the show to support Aanchal.

However, Tehran felt that Aanchal is faking her game since the day she has arrived in the house. Aanchal was very surprised when Tehran took her name. Paras Chhabra who was also present did not utter a word, but his expressions revealed that he was unhappy with Tehran's comments.

Tehran Bakshi, on the other hand, has still not managed to create a positive space for himself in the house and it just could be that he is looking at nominating Aanchal as she has moved ahead. Shehnaaz Gill and Balraj are already against Aanchal due to the argument which happened last week. The road ahead may be difficult for Aanchal Khurana although she is Paras Chhabra's favourite contestant. Will it be a 'Miya Biwi raazi toh kya karega kaazi' ending for Paras & Aanchal is what remains to be seen.


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