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A mother’s love is forever, it doesn’t waiver no matter how old you get. Their affectionate nagging over wearing clean decent clothes, shaving off the long beard or ‘cut your hair else I will cut them’ threats is something that we are all familiar with. This is no different for actors too. Having dabbled the role as a casting director and an actor with immense conviction, Abhishek Banerjee too often falls victim to his mother’s quips on his looks and his onscreen appearance. Abhishek who plays the character of Munna in Disney+Hotstar’s dramedy PariWar revealed some hysterical things about his mother who is not a particular fan of his rugged on-screen character looks.

On this funny revelation the actor shared “I have grown up in a middle-class family, but my mother has always been extremely particular of how she dresses and has kind of put that on me too. And that is probably the reason why I dress in the exact opposite way (laughs). She is always bothered about the way my hair looks or the kind of clothes I am wearing. If I ask her did you watch me on that show, how was it? and all she will have to say is yes but who did your hair?’’ But unlike Abhishek’s previous roles on screen, the actor in PariWar plays the character of Munna who is a male nurse and a romantic at heart who writes poetries.

Commenting further the actor said “Munna’s character is quite different from the ones I’ve played in the past, he is shy and often ridiculed in his town as people find his job effeminate. But fortunately, I am decently dressed in this one, hopefully my mom won’t have a problem (laughs). But having said this, I feel my mother helps me with a perspective so simple and small yet many times overlooked. She helps me stay grounded and I feel incredibly grateful for that”.

PariWar the 6-part series features an ensemble cast of the immensely talented Gajraj Rao, Ranvir Shorey, Nidhi Singh, Abhishek Banerjee, Yashpal Sharma and Vijay Razz in pivotal roles. The show is set against the backdrop of Allahabad and follows the life of Kashiram Narayan, a 68-year-old patron and his estranged family who is squabbling for their ancestral land which takes a rather dramatic turn.’

Watch ‘PariWar’ now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar for free

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