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Abhishek Kapur who plays the role of Sameer in Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya revealed, “Janmashtami has always been one of my favourite festivals. In fact, since my childhood I’ve celebrated the festival and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Be it dressing up as Krishna or breaking the matki, I’ve done it all. I remember, I’ve dressed up as Lord Krishna twice, once in my childhood and once for an advertisement. Actually, my parents, family and friends also call me Kanhaiya because I’m surrounded by a lot of female friends. Anyway, coming back to Janmashtami, it’s a wonderful feeling to celebrate it as I love this festival. Jai Shri Krishna to all.”

Mugdha Chapekar who plays the role of Prachi in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya mentioned, “I genuinely enjoy celebrating Janmashtami. It is a very special festival for me. In fact, I’ve played the role of Radha for a beautiful dance sequence in one of my earlier shows as well. Apart from celebrating the festival and making sweets, playing Radha for a special episode was one of my most special memories of Janmashtami too. I also wish Happy Birthday to my co-star Krishna Kaul every year and I am looking forward to wishing him and pulling his leg once again this year.”

Karan Jotwani who plays the role of Neel in Zee TV’s Qurbaan Hua said, “I consider Janmashthami to be an extremely sacred festival. I have a lot of memories associated with Janmasthami. One of the highlights of the year for me when I was young had to be dressing up as Lord Krishna on this day. I remember one time while climbing the pyramid to get the matki, I took a terrible fall. But it was all in the spirit of fun and festivities. I participate at the Matki Todo tradition every year and I try my best to climb to the too successfully. But as I grew older and heavier, the team couldnot keep up with lifting me very well. Nowadays mostly I m at the bottom of the pyramid. But I still celebrate and participate in the fun and frolic of this festival. These days, religion and customs are also changing and its more inclusive of gender equalitu. Now, girls too participate and take the Matki Todo tradition ahead and I must say they give the boys a tough competition. Later all of us savour the snacks and sweets made especially for Janmashthami followed by a grand Janmashthami special lunch. I am ever so pumped and excited around this time of the year and celebrate Janmashthami in full power.

Kanika Mann who plays the role of Guddan in Zee TV’s Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega revealed, “As a kid Jansmashtami was a big festival and on this day, back at home in Panipat all the temples in the city would be decorated and lit with diyas. As a family we would step out and visit each of these temples to seek blessings and see all the different decorations each temple would put up. A mela would also be organized and me and my siblings would always be excited to buy toys from there. We would add it to our collection and before the next Janmashtami would compare which toy we must buy next. Sometimes I would also dress up as Radha to visit the neighbourhood temples. While we might not be able to have the same celebration this time due to the lockdown precautions, we are looking forward to having an aarti on set and maybe indulge in a few delicious sweets

Nishant Singh Malkani who plays the role of Akshat in Zee TV’s Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega mentioned, “Janmashtami always reminds me of the time when I used to dress up as Krishna for school plays. Since the festival comes during the monsoon season, the context of our play was in and around Krishna protecting the small houses and nature from the rains.

That’s the fondest memory I have of this festival. Apart from that as a family we would visit different temples on this day to see their décor around Krishna’s swing. The celebrations this time are going to definitely be a little mellow and mostly on our set. Our track in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega has a very fascinating twist around Guddan and her child. So, while we are shooting for that, we would have our own little festive fun.”

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