Zee TV recently introduced its new show, a unique love story of opposites Teri Meri Ikk Jindri that traces the love story and journey of Mahi and Jogi, who despite their starkly different personalities and outlook towards life, choose to walk together on the common path of love. Featuring television actress Amandeep Sidhu opposite popular television actor Adhvik Mahajan, the show has been keeping the audience hooked with consistent twists and turns to the show’s storyline. While earlier on Jogi was on a quest to unveil Gulshan’s (Manish Verma) evil intentions towards Mahi, he will now be seen trying to protect Mahi from sacrificing her marriage with Arjun (Akash Mansukhani). To persuade Mahi against this wedding while keeping his motives hidden from her family, Jogi will be seen donning three different looks.

Taking the appearance of a lady, a Sikh and finally a ‘mazdur’, Adhvik had quite a challenging experience shuffling between one look to another while also playing his regular self. Off the three looks, donning the appearance of a woman seemed to be the most challenging for him especially since this was his first. While he did not undergo a complete makeover, he surely tried playing the part as convincingly as possible. Speaking on the same, Adhvik said, “It was quite a challenging experience since we had to juggle between all the three looks and didn’t have much time at hand. The most difficult yet refreshing experience was of playing a woman since I have never played one before. However, I must say acting underneath all the heavy jewellery, costumes and wig was one hell of a task and after a point, I had to stop to catch hold of my breath. Luckily, I had the support of a good team on set. Honestly, hats off to all the women out there who have been in this industry for so long, gracefully doing what they do best. People usually say women take more time to dress up, and indeed it’s true, but now I fortunately have an answer to why that is so.”

Adding further on his other two looks, Adhvik said, “I was required to even modulate my voice for the ‘mazdoor’ look and adopt shudh Hindi for this avatar since it was necessary for him to look and behave in contrast to Jogi. I felt the appearance and performance of a Sikh took the least amount of effort considering I was well adept to the body language and even knew the requirements to be followed for the look. Also, since I have taken this look before, it was much easier.”

While we just can’t wait to see Adhvik dolled up in a lehenga, the answer to the question that we are all waiting to know is, will Jogi be successful in preventing Mahi’s wedding?

Tune into Teri Meri Ikk Jindri every Monday to Friday at 8pm only on Zee TV