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After receiving a standing ovation at Berlinale, where Code Blue, a film on triple talaaq was recently had its World Premiere to global audiences, filmmaker Aleena Khan’s Code Blue has been invited by London Indian Film Festival, Europe’s largest Indian and South Asian film festival with a reach of 160 million last year.

Being a medical professional and a debutante filmmaker, Aleena Khan is elated that her film on such a sensitive Triple Talaaq, an inhuman practice of three words where a Muslim man can utter three words in an instance, ruins the lives of innocent girls. Says Aleena Khan, “religious clergymen, some not even educated, exploit loopholes.” The maker has also written to the PM of India, urging him to ban all sorts of Talaaq because “I’ve seen women suffer and it is always sad and a shattering sight to watch.”

World media also acknowledges the maker’s vision and goal. According to, “Aleena has a clear vision for her movie which is to clearly top the practice and not create unfair bias when a Muslim couple divorce or separate.” Adds, “the title Code blue signifies the storytelling of bringing her (the protagonist) back to life after the words of Triple Talaaq leave her soul shattered.”

Khan aims to take Code Blue, the world over and make a difference in the lives of millions of innocent women. “My protagonist is the face of millions of faceless Muslim women who have no say in their own divorce. When marriage is with Qubool in Islam, Talaq should also be with equal consent,” says Khan who believes that if you want to see change, then be the change. Starring Rishi Bhutani, Sushmita Mukherji, Aleena Khan and Alok Nath, Code Blue, in association with Rahat Kazmi Films, is all set for a worldwide release soon.

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