This week &TV’s popular dance reality show High Fever…Dance Ka Naya Tevar, will celebrate Bollywood’s famous dancing guru-shishiya jodi; Saroj Khan and Ahmed Khan. A judge on the show, Ahmed Khan, who has made a mark in the industry with not just his choreography but as a director as well, has been Masterji’s (Saroj Khan) student since his early days in the industry. And when he got an opportunity, paid his teacher a beautiful tribute in the form of a dance piece created and voiced by him.

Ahmed Khan created a magnificent dance piece with contestants performing on the songs choreographed by Saroj Khan. He lent his voice to the piece, conveying his love and respect for his beloved teacher. Masterji is known for presenting her students and performers with a Shagun of Rs. 100; and Ahmed Khan on the stage of High Fever confessed that he has never won that Shagun. Saroj Khan in response to this confession asked Ahmed that – “If you want that Shagun then ‘ek pure Indian dance karke batao’”. Ahmed like a very obedient student performed an Indian piece, leaving audiences asking for more. So touched was Masterji, that she made her sudent’s wish come true and gave Ahmed Khan his much awaited Shagun, which he evidently cherished.

When asked about how Ahmed Khan was as a student, Saroj ji said, “He was a supremo student. He used to pick up so fast, that I was amazed. I wish you all the best Ahmed aise hi aage badhte raho”. Ahmed Khan, got very emotional after receiving the Shagun from Masterji, and said, “This Rs.100 is much more precious than all that I have earned till date. Today, I have performed in front of Masterji after 32 years. The journey has come a full circle today as I have performed on the same song, on which I had danced 32 years ago. Bollywood dance has only one creator and that’s my Guruji.” To see these never seen before dance performances and moments, tune into High Fever…Dance Ka Naya Tevar every Saturday-Sunday at 9:30pm, only on &TV!