After several extremely successful collaborations, Zee TV recently presented viewers with an exciting story about life, love, karma, and destiny. Set against the backdrop of Mumbai, 'Bhagya Lakshmi' follows the journey of Lakshmi, a selfless girl of limited means, who despite her humble background and the curveballs life has thrown at her, always puts others’ needs before hers. The show began on a rather impressive note with its intriguing storyline and relatable characters adding some high-octane drama. In fact ever since Rishi (Rohit Suchanti) was falsely accused, viewers were eager to  see how Lakshmi (Aishwarya Khare) would  help save the family name. While the leads have definitely kept the audience entertained through their performance, one such character who has also kept the viewers at the edge of their seats is Ayushman. Essayed by Aman Gandhi, Ayushman is Rishi's cousin, a cheerful person who is always on Rishi’s side. While Aman is quite thrilled to have finally bagged a great character with this show, back in the day the actor did face a fair share of struggles before making it this far.

Aman, who hails from Delhi, had a very interesting journey of pursuing acting. Despite having a great career in hand, the actor chose to take huge leap of faith to pursue his dreams. “After my MBA I was working at a global automobile company as an assistant manager, but I knew that this wasn't my dream” reveals the actor.

Adding further, Aman mentioned “At the back of my mind, I always wanted to be an actor because I was good at mimicry and was known as the entertainer by many people. I knew this was the way to go considering acting has always been my

passion. So, I finally gathered courage to convince myself and my parents to follow my passion. While I was pursuing a full-time job, I would focus on learning acting during the weekends. It took me a while to finally muster the confidence to come to

Mumbai. Even when I moved here, there were quite some struggles to deal with. I remember I had bagged a show, even shot it but alas! It never made to TV. It made the journey frustrating, but fortunately, my parents were very supportive, and they

helped me mentally and financially as well to overcome those frustrating days. Since my debut in 2016, I have done many small cameos here and there and currently, I am really excited about my role in Bhagya Lakshmi. I see it as a new challenge for

me and I wish that the audience  continues to shower their love on our show and my character as well."

While Aman has faced his share of issues in becoming an actor, the Oberoi household is also facing new issues with Rishi being falsely accused but will Lakshmi be able to save him? Moreover, will Lakshmi's trust in Rishi make him finally realize that she is the one he really likes or will Malishka succeed in manipulating him?

To know more, tune into Bhagya Lakshmi, Monday to Friday, at 8:30 pm only on Zee TV!