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Makar Sankranti is one such festival that gets B-Town in good spirits and actress Amika Shail is excited to enjoy the kite flying in all its glory.

Commenting on the occasion she said "Makar Sankranti is called Poush Sankranti or 'Pithe Parbon' in my hometown in Bengal. It is the beginning of an auspicious season. Food is a big part of Poush Sankranti and many rituals revolve around items made from rice as it is the time when paddy is harvested. The festival is all about prayers, family, food and kite flying."

The Laxmii Bomb and Mirzapur 2 actress is looking forward to an exciting 2021 with OTT and film releases. “I love the festival of Sankranti. I learned to fly a kite as a child from my father as I used to accompany him for Kite flying sessions. Seeing so many colours in the sky is a sheer joy, I always double ensure to use a simple thread that is harmless for the birds as they have the first right over the sky."

Even as she juggles multiple shoots, Amika made sure to take out time to celebrate her favourite festival Sankranti this year.

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