Gone are the days when wives would cry over their bad fate, with evil in laws or the troubles their husbands put them through. &TV’s long running drama show, Siddhivinayak is one such perfect example that will portray what a modern bahu is made of. The current track in the show witnesses Urvashi (Roshni Rastogi), who was brought in by Manjari (Utkarsha Naik) and Siddhi (Farnaz Shetty) to get rid of Rudra. However, the tables turn and the real drama begins when Urvashi sets her eyes on Vin (Nitin Goswami). Through a series of twisted mind games and false accusations on Siddhi, she ends up earning Vin’s trust and marrying him.

In a fresh turn of events, the current track shows Siddhi in a changed avatar. She ditches the damsel in distress portrayal and is seen as a strong woman who fights against all odds to get her husband back, in ways and approaches that Urvashi is best known to follow. The new drama that is set to unfold in the show will take a comical turn and is sure to tickle the viewers funny bones. Siddhi takes her revenge on Urvashi and proves herself innocent in funny yet tactful ways. Urvashi’s every attempt to get close to Vinayak fails as Siddhi pulls out every trick up her sleeve to get back at her. From barging in the room with eunuchs when Urvashi and Vin are together, to putting a bomb wrapped in a gift that will blow up in Urvashi and Vin’s face, Siddhi is leaving no stone unturned! She will be play the card of being the first wife, the Biwi No 1, as technically Vin and she haven’t legally been divorced as yet.

Talking about the upcoming comedy drama on the show Farnaz said, “The upcoming episodes will showcase the strong side of Siddhi, who till now has been the victim viewers sympathised with. The story going forward will also witness a comical twist, something we have not experimented with in this show till now. I am sure the audience is going to love this new side of Siddhi and I can’t wait to see their reactions.”

We are excited to see what this Biwi No. 1 does next!

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