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Anna’s (Deven Bhojani) sweet-abode will soon face the risk of being demolished. Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi will witness Gokhale family in great trouble as superstitious beliefs put their house on line of being destroyed. The viewers will encounter Anna fighting to save his home and bury the superstitious beliefs of phony Tapovrat Baba’s followers.

Series of challenges continue to hit Anna like a storm. After being falsely arrested for selling adulterated bhakharwadi which claimed one of his customer’s life, to only be released from jail after the police learn that the cause of death was something else.

Anna reaches home and witnesses a huge gathering of people at his house. He learns that an idol has been discovered from his vaada after a phony baba claimed its existence under his house. The situation takes a dramatic turn after Tapovrat baba and his disciples demand to build a temple at the place of the idol’s origin in order to bring luck and prosperity. Anna refuses to accept such superstitious beliefs and announces that he shall never let anyone lay a finger on his house.

What follows is something Anna never expects, this large group of unsighted followers and Tapovrat Baba decide to organize an endless protest right out of Anna’s house.

Will Anna be able to break such superstitious beliefs and save his home?

Deven Bhojani, essaying the role of Anna said, “Anna is constantly being hit by challenges but he has his own unique ways to deal with them but the upcoming episodes will test him gravely as he will come across intense superstitious beliefs which is putting his house on line. All situations are curated without diluting the fun part of comical situations created because of one situation leading to another. The viewers should brace themselves to go on a roller roaster of emotions in the upcoming episodes.”

Kya Anna ho jayenge beghar? To know more, keep watching Bhakharwadi every Monday-Friday at 9:30PM only on Sony SAB


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