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It will help listeners attain absolute joy and peace, which is the need of the hour!

Lord Hanuman is one of the most worshipped revered figures in Hindu History, to gain courage and strength in their lives. There have been many versions of Shri Ram Bhakt Hanuman Katha and is one of the most widely performed kirtan pieces played in various styles by many different artists. However, none have been able to deliver it with the pure vibrant energy and magical effect as the legendary devotional singer Anup Jalota. The revered chant, titled ‘Katha Shri Ram Bhakt Hanuman Ki’ releases today by Apeksha Films & Music on its YouTube Channel to help listeners attain absolute joy and peace, which is the need of the hour.

Talking about their latest offering, Ajay Jaswal of Apeksha Films & Music says, “Reciting or listening to devotional songs of Lord Hanuman helps your mind feel more relaxed. Moreover, it is believed that praying to Lord Hanuman with full devotion can help you fulfill all your wishes. I hope our latest offering brings positivity in the life of our audiences in this difficult time of coronavirus pandemic.”

Legendary Singer Anup Jalota believes that Lord Hanuman sees your devotion and blesses you with amazing powers to achieve everything you want. Talking about his experience of singing this latest devotional song, he says, “There seems to be an instant joy and peace experienced by people when this hymn is recited in its many versions. The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has surely caused huge stress to all of us. Hence, our latest offering will help our listeners to attain positive energy and find a balance, which is much needed at this time.”

The poetic composition has been penned by Shardul Rathod, while DJ Sheizwood has composed the music for the ‘Katha Shri Ram Bhakt Hanuman Ki’ by Apeksha Films & Music. Sheizwood believes that Lord Hanuman helps in removing all the obstacles in the way if one prays to him with full devotion. Talking about his composition, Sheizwood says, “This revered chant will help audiences discover its uplifting, healing, and joyous effects.”

‘Katha Shri Ram Bhakt Hanuman Ki’ by Apeksha Films & Music is available on YouTube for free for all the listeners to take its maximum benefit. The composition can be heard on the link below.

Team of Apeksha Films & Music urges everyone to take all the necessary precautions while stepping out of home for work amid the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

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