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Ever since its premiere, Zee TV’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega has been striving hard to inspire its audience with Rani’s inspirational narrative. Belonging to the head staff member of an affluent family of Jaipur, Rani wants to break free from the shackles of her background to carve her own destiny. While the show has kept the audience glued to their seats, Megha Ray who plays the role of Rani has not only impressed the viewers, but also inspired several women across India. The actress has been committed to her role since day and in fact, has been working extremely hard ever since she resumed work after a Covid leave. While Covid-19 had summoned almost every other person’s peace of mind, Megha Ray and her parents weren’t an exception to this traumatic event.

Much to her dismay, Megha’s parents tested positive a while back and the actress had to take an overlong gap to take care of them, despite her test reports turning negative. With support from her whole Apna Time Bhi Aayega team, while she and her parents did manage to recover from the incident, the trauma and hardships that she faced during this time remain fresh in her mind. Relieved to have returned and fought the battle positively, Megha Ray recalls the experience of taking care of her COVID positive parents while herself being unwell throughout.

Talking about how she managed her parents’ diet chart while constantly monitoring their physical and mental health , Megha Ray said, “After my mom and dad tested positive, they had lost their taste for food and everything they ate, tasted bitter. I had to really crack what kind of ingredients would give them the necessary nutrients and also make the food edible enough for them to eat. It wasn’t just about giving them healthy food, but to make sure they liked what they ate. I tried my hands on different salads and soups while keeping fresh fruits as a regular part of their diet intake. Also, since they were quarantined, I was making a regular visit to the doctor to ensure their reports and blood tests were in check. I was continuously monitoring their temperature, physical movements and even their fluid intake. This was an extremely intense time for them where they were constantly demotivated. Hence, I used to regularly video call them to encourage them to get better. It was indeed very difficult; I am close to both my parents and seeing them in such pain would break me at times, but I knew I had to stay strong for them. I was doing everything possible to tend to their needs, be it monitoring their health, managing their meals or even ensuring they stay positive throughout.”

Adding further, Megha shared “Amidst all this, even I fell sick and had to take extremely good care of my health too. In fact, this was the first time where I was taking care of not just myself but three members of my family together. It was a new experience, and the initial few days were really challenging. Since we had no maid at our house, I had to do all the household work, be it cooking or cleaning. Although, I did miss shooting for Apna Time Bhi Aayega and was worried about not being a part of the show for nearly fifteen days, I believe nothing is more important than your parent’s health. I felt blessed to be near them and being able to take care of them. I can’t even imagine what all those people go through who stay away from their parents during such difficult times. While it was extremely difficult, I am thoroughly glad the whole process is over. I was extremely overjoyed at meeting my parents at the end of their quarantine period.”

While, Megha Ray’s courage and strength is definitely worthy of praise, Rani too, is striving to remain strong and courageous despite the series of on-going events that have occurred after Rajeswari’s return. An announcement of Veer and Kiara’s wedding by Rajeswari has left Rani in tension. In the upcoming episodes, viewers will also witness a quick tension when they’ll see Jai mixing Veer and Kiara’s drink but will surely be relieved to see an exchange of emotions between Rani and Veer.

To know more, watch Apna Time Bhi Aayega every Monday to Friday at 7 pm, only on Zee TV!

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