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~ Sung by Punit Dixit and Esha Gaur and written by Manasvi Arya, the show is set to bring yet another original track to showcase the endearing relation between Veer and Rajeshwari ~

Zee TV introduced a new fiction show - Apna Time Bhi Aayega, which follows the inspirational narrative of Rani, the young daughter of a head staff member of an affluent family of Jaipur. Refusing to be tied down by her humble roots, Rani (Megha Ray) wants to break free from the shackles of her background to carve her own destiny. The strong narrative in this family drama has  been efficiently depicted with impactful scenes that have many a time been supported and enhanced by original music compositions created by the makers. Be it a rustic music piece to showcase Rani’s character or a Rajasthani flavoured wedding track, the show has always managed to impress its viewers in a rather melodious manner. Unveiling yet another interesting and endearing composition, the show is all set to present an original track composed by Manasvi Arya and sung by Punit Dixit and Esha Gaur.


The new track have been crafted for an upcoming sequence in the show that will showcase the loving bond that Veer has with his mother, Maharani Rajeshwari. An emotional Veer will be seen singing the song to his mother, expressing the immense love and respect he has for her. Maharani Rajeshwari on the other hand is furious and upset with him for marrying Rani and disrespecting her wishes. Helpless and overwhelmed knowing that her son’s love is far greater than what Veer has for Rani, the song comes as a reassurance to Rajeshwari of her son’s never-ending love. While It may have been an overwhelming moment for our Maharani indeed, Tannaz too had a rather emotional moment and got teary eyed while performing this scene.


Sharing her experience and thoughts Tannaz said, “The song and the entire sequence was one of the most emotional sequence we have shot so far. The scene shows Veer (Fahmaan) standing outside the door singing to his mother and in that brief moment, I almost imagined that as my real son singing to me. It brought out all the motherly emotions and concerns within me and at that moment all I wanted to do was hug my son. I literally cried my heart out and didn’t stop my emotions from flowing because I really wanted the scene to be as authentic and an emotional one. The director and I felt it best to keep it as raw as possible.

At that point of time it wasn’t really me or my character crying but the mother within me pouring out her emotions. Hats off and kudos to Manasvi, Punit and Esha, for creating such a beautiful track that gave this entire scene the extra emotions it needed. I hope the viewers enjoy and love watching this scene as much as we loved creating it.”


While Maharani Rajeshwari and Veer may have revived their relation, Rani is yet to find a place in Rajeshwari’s heart.


To know what will happen next, tune in to Apna Time Bhi Aayega every Monday to Saturday at 7 pm, only on Zee TV!

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