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Sony SAB’s upcoming offering Ziddi Dil- Maane Na is full of youthful exuberance, the show revolves around a bunch of trained civil cadets who meet at the Parakram SAF (Special Action Force) Base Camp. Sony SAB has always entertained its audience with extraordinary concepts and light-hearted shows and Ziddi Dil- Maane Na will be an addition to the already existing line-up of shows. Bringing in some freshness with its youth-based concept, the show promises to keep viewers hooked with its energetic and fresh storyline that boasts of adorable love stories, adventure, delightful camaraderie, and a fascinating edge-of-seat plot that beautifully weaves the show.

Dr. Monami (Kaveri Priyam) is a talented driven young doctor who wants to contribute to the society. She wants to make it on her own and not depend on her father’s healthcare business. She cares for everybody and keeps her best foot forward to help and support others. Here’s an excerpt from her interview.

1) How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB’s Ziddi Dil - Maane Na?

It is a great feeling to be a part of such an energetic and youthful show, Ziddi Dil – Maane Na. We have an amazing team, and everyone involved in the show is extremely passionate about their work. It creates a different vibe altogether. As an artist, working with such a dedicated team is always a learning experience and pushes one to put the best foot forward. I am loving

this experience of being a part of this show and would like to extend my gratitude to Sony SAB, Seema ma’am, Sudhir sir and the rest of the team for giving me this opportunity.

2) What makes your character stand out? What are you enjoying the most about the character?

The fact that Dr. Monami has an intriguing journey from a commoner to a special agent is what makes her standout. She has the elements of both an innocent civilian and a dedicated, resilient officer. My character, is soft-hearted, keeps everyone happy and is always on her toes to solve problems and help anyone walk out of any sorrow or trouble that comes their way. For Dr. Monami, emotional quotient is a step ahead than discipline. I am enjoying portraying the character because I love her emotional connect with everyone in the academy, and this character is helping me excel at delivering various emotions on-screen. As a character, she is so endearing that I can’t help falling in love with her every passing day.

3) How has been your experience shooting for the show so far. Did you get a chance to meet and bond with the other cast members of the show?

The experience shooting with the co-actors has been delightful. We all are learning about each other more with each passing day. The concept of the show is really engaging for us. We are doing so many activities that we normally do not get to do. Sharing such experience with one another has definitely brought us really close. For me, the scenes which involves all

of us is the most fun part of the day. We all are well knitted and are making some forever memories together.

4) The show promises a lot of romance set against the backdrop of a Special Action Force Unit. Tell us more

The romance aspect has been beautifully integrated in the show which our viewers are going to enjoy. All the three couples are different from each other in terms of characters, personalities, and ideologies. When such different personalities come together it is bound to create a lot of fireworks. With every pair, our viewers will witness a different journey towards love.

5) This role is quite different from the characters you’ve essayed in the past. What made you accept this offer?

The character that I have played in the past were straightforward, but Dr. Monami’s character is a contrast between being confident and at the same time the character is a little docile. She is often seen battling between these two facets of her personality. Overall, the show and character are a package that I have been looking for. To work with a team this talented and

portray yet another complicated character is a true opportunity for me as an artist.

6) How is Ziddi Dil different from any other television shows?

Ziddi Dil – Maane Na brings together energy and youthfulness all packaged in one story. I feel the show will strike a chord with the youngsters and adults. While fun and masti is a part of every youngster’s life, this show will spark the feeling of dedication, patriotism, and the sheer hard work one needs to deliver to accomplish a goal in life. I feel the show teaches perseverance in the most thoughtful way. The backdrop of the show also gives a glimpse of the hard work our national forces put into their service to the nation. Keeping the show light- hearted is the emotions shared between the characters. This unique blend of Ziddi Dil is what distinguishes it from other television shows. For me, the show and my character are a complete package.

7) How have you prepared for your role?

We all started by attending several workshop sessions to understand our respective characters. I remember, on the very first day of shoot, I was placed right in front of a trained boxer. It was a whole new experience for me which taught me how strong I have to be to play Monami. My very first day was a day full of realisations and I made up my mind to conquer every challenge that I have to, so I can ace this role. Earlier, it was challenging as well as exhausting for me to do these preparations and trainings by waking up at 5 in the morning but now, every day on the set pumps me with a new level of energy and enthusiasm. I am training every day and getting the nuances right to do justice to this beautiful character – Monami.”

8) How do you relate to your character? Is Kaveri a-little like Monami?

Monami has a tagline – Apne dam par likhni hai usko apni kahani and she believes in conquering a different world. This is something I relate with the most, I also came to Mumbai with a lot of dreams that I wanted to fulfil. My journey has begun now and there is a long way to go, just like Monami.

9) What are your thoughts on doing a light-hearted/comedy genre?

I love rom-coms and the best part is that this show has flavours of both romance and comedy, along with a lot of emotions weaved in every character. The show aims to touch every single string of emotion of the audience. I am really looking forward to portraying Monami on-screen along with such a wonderful and talented pool of artists. For me, the genres do not matter if I find the character intriguing and as long as I am able to be true to my character and the storyline.

Tune in to watch Ziddi Dil- Maane Na, 30 th August onwards every Monday-Friday at 8 PM only on Sony SAB

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