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Within a month of premiering on television, Sony SAB's Pushpa Impossible has made its place in the hearts of audience and their family time. The loveable but feisty Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) has charmed her way to audience’s hearts and attention with her unique perspective, amusing antics, and caring nature. A strong, independent single mother who puts her kids above everything, Pushpa, barrels through the obstacle of life and comes up with offbeat solutions to her problems with her quick thinking and street smarts. After the many years of striving hard and selflessly serving the priorities of others, Pushpa aspires to do something for herself. Hoping to pursue the education that she had to give-up early in life, she is now determined to fulfill that aspect of her life, by finding her way and convincing everyone that there’s no age for learning. Now she embarks on a new journey, and as she goes back to school, we hope that it inspires many others like her, who are holding themselves back.

Seeing Pushpa in her school uniform serves as a source of inspiration for all the women struggling to dream. Pushpa did the Impossible, but wait, these are just the beginning of the many challenges life has in store for her. And Pushpa has found it even more challenging because, in addition to her age being a barrier, her own daughter Rashi is opposed to her pursuing her aspirations. Stay tuned to Pushpa Impossible as Pushpa navigates through school life, making new friends and staying strong in times of the adversities life throws at her. Pushpa has really managed to make lemonade out of the lemons life throws at her!

Karuna Pandey who plays Pushpa shares, “Pushpa’s efforts, hard work and determination have started to bear fruits in her endeavor to complete her education, as she prepares to go back to school even at this age. Today, she embarks on a new journey, and she is motivated to fulfill her dreams more than ever. As a woman, and a mother, I find her tenacity very inspiring. It takes a lot of courage to face the critique and criticism of society yet continue to be steadfast in your ambition, be it pursuing education at a late stage in life or any other aspiration. However, this is just the beginning of the many many challenges Pushpa wiill must face on the road to success. If the hunger to achieve a lifelong dream is strong, then any obstacle on the journey is easy to overcome. And I hope, through Pushpa, I can convey to others in similar situations, to never give up regardless of their age, because after all, age is just a number.”

Watch Pushpa Impossible from Monday to Friday at 9:30PM only Sony SAB!

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