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Find out how far Bani J could go for love in the next episode of Bumble ‘Dating These Days 2.0’

The third episode of Bumble’s content series, Dating These Days features Bani J and Sayani Gupta who discuss love, significance of gender roles, influence of pop culture on relationships and Bollywood’s influence on romance. In this fun chat show, Bani J spills the bean on her dating experiences, romantic gestures and more.

Bani confesses that she is all about big gestures and is a huge romantic in real life, “I’d rather do too much than do nothing at all”. Sharing a real-life instance, she says that, “Once I was just finishing up a shoot and wrapped, I booked myself a ticket and literally flew 42 hours to spend like 36 hours and I just wanted to go see him and ask him how is he doing?”. Bani mentioned that she would never date somebody who doesn’t lift because “it’s got so much to do with lifestyle, it impacts the way you eat, what time you sleep and if you are with somebody who doesn’t understand, it becomes a really big issue”.

Contrary to what breaking norms of what Bollywood conventionally shows, both Bani and Sayani have made ‘the first move in a relationship’. They are very open to the idea of women making the first move because why not! Bumble’s second edition of Dating These Days is all about helping single Bharatiyas navigate conversations and challenges around dating post the pandemic in 2021 as it facilitates unfiltered, meaningful conversations around dating truths in Bharat.

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