Prachi Tehlan, a wonderful actress and the former captain of Indian Netball team, is surely an outspoken being with an unequivocal voice. This time she voiced her opinion for Section 377 of Indian constitution which recently got decriminalised by the Indian judicial system.

Prachi said, “Section 377 is irrational and arbitrary. I believe if today’s world is about progress, then it should be done in every domain of our lives. Homosexuality isn’t a crime at all. It’s a choice. Besides I am happy that we are not restricting our society to express their feelings in public. Between Section 377 and love...Love won at the end.”

Prachi without a doubt believes that love needs no tag or restrictions to grow in a progressive society like ours. Not just this, but she also mentioned that this ruling of the Supreme Court will not only impact India, but will also undoubtedly have immense transnational value - Something beyond the borders.

“Being attracted to the same sex isn’t a crime. It's just how you naturally feel for it a girl or a boy.”

The effect of this judgement is especially likely to be felt in other common law countries, and it will hopefully, provide an impetus to those countries that still have equivalent provisions in their statute books, to critically consider the lawfulness and legality of provisions that similarly criminalise consensual sexual relations. Besides if Indian youths keep on fighting for such social causes, and of course if people like Prachi Tehlan in the industry support such causes, then in no time, India will pride on its equality.