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Mumbai - ‘A woman's health is her capital’, said by Harriet Beecher Stowe is the best to describe priorities in the life of a woman. And Bhagyashree Dassani follows this advice diligently. She is health conscious not only for herself and her family, but she takes the women universe into her realm. “Bharatiya women normally keep their own health concerns packed and locked in a box. In the rush and daily grind to take care of their family, they are least bothered about themselves. End result is that they either suffer in silence or reach for medical help only when the health issue is completely out of hand. Focus of these sessions is to educate them as well as provide an easy platform to discuss their problem with experts,” says Bhagyashree.

Her monthly interactive sessions ‘SAMVAD’ are result of the same consideration for women.

SAMVAD is once a month interaction at Nanavati auditorium where every month one health issue related to women will be picked up. A panel of experts and doctors will discuss subjects related to women health. Many under spoken and under explained health subjects will be taken up to educate and guide women suffering in silence.

Host for the sessions is Bhagyashree and there are total of 12 sessions in the year, wherein one session is already concluded. Bhagyashree has partnered with CEO Mangala Demla of Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital. Best is that doctors in a particular panel during the session, will be available to registered participants even after the event for professional advice and related treatment.

Additionally registered participants can expect discounts during treatment.


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