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After Bhuvan's last superhit single - Heer Ranjha, the young Digital Star who is only Indian content creator to have an independent web series to his credit, releases his latest song 'Saazish' - a melancholic love track - featuring in the upcoming episode of Dhindora.

The song written and composed by Bhuvan Bam, is sung by Rekha Bhardwaj alongside Bam. It beautifully brings about the emotions Bhuvan feels when he parts ways with Dr. Tara (played by Gayatri Bharadwaj) as she goes on to realize her dreams.

"The song is about love and loss. It's about living some dreams and letting some go. And it's about how making this choice can be the most difficult thing to do. It's was truly a pleasure to have Rekha ma'am lend her voice to my composition", said Bhuvan

Singer Rekha Bhardwaj on working with Bhuvan for the song, "Singing Saazish with Bhuvan was a wonderful experience. He's a very talented artist who has so much to offer to our industry. Saazish is a beautifully composed track and I'm looking forward to seeing how the audience responds to this soul-stirring song. I've enjoyed working on it and listening to it - I hope they will too."

The seventh episode finally discloses the reason behind the lottery ticket gone missing. Bhuvan loses his cool on the people of the society, picking up on their dualist behavior towards his family. Dr. Tara and Bhuvan go their separate ways when she chooses to fulfill her dreams and the song Saazish comes on in this scene, rendering a heart-wrenching end to the episode.

Tune in to BB ki vines to witness the exciting turn of events that take place in Bhuvan's otherwise humdrum life.

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