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~With a wide new range of facemasks and clothing, BB Ki Vines’ official merchandise is exclusively available on the Youthiapa’ website ~

Mumbai - Digital Star Bhuvan Bam has been the frontrunner in introducing the country to a lot of firsts in the digital space. BB Ki Vines’ Official Fashion line, ‘Youthiapa’, has become the first Bharatiya Shopify platform to have comprehensive store access on a YouTube Channel.

Founded in 2017, the first Bharatiya online merchandise store committed to conquering the world of fashion with its products has been a prominent brand choice for today’s youth. The fans can now shop for their favourite merchandise right below BB Ki Vines videos. Youthiapa has been a creative outlet for the youth to express their thoughts through their style statements. The products have been innovatively designed, high in quality and are available at affordable prices.

Speaking on the announcement Bhuvan Bam said, “These are unprecedented times and while it’s important to keep the spirit alive, it’s more important to gear up for the world to come because we all know there is light at the end of this tunnel! Youthiapa has been built with extreme passion and is truly authentic and real. I’m really glad that my fans can now check out and order the merchandise directly from BB Ki Vines channel.”

Rohit Raj, Partner at Youthiapa said, “Youthiapa has been an integral part of our professional and personal lives and we’re extremely excited to announce a direct access to the website on BB Ki Vines YouTube channel. We are glad to be paving this new path having recently launched a fresh line of superior quality masks which proved to be exceptionally popular among the youth. The best part is that the brand is gaining immense popularity, surpassing all our expectations and we are confident it’s only going to grow! We plan on further expanding our fashion line for the upcoming festive season. With this, we aim to expand to a wider territory and audience base.”

Youthiapa’s trending slogan ‘Hustle Karo Bhasad Nahi’ has caught a lot of attention amongst the industry and Bhuvan’s fans. The website offers a range of products from quirky mugs, phone accessories, tees, hoodies, masks etc. With their unconventional approach, unique ideas and commitment to conquer the world of fashion, they are all set to expand their presence across the country.

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