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A consistent record-breaker Bhuvan Bam topped iTunes charts yet again and this time, with his latest single Heer Ranjha. The 7th single made it to #1 across charts on iTunes beating BTS and Maroon 5 in an hour of its release on the platform.

An artist par excellence, Bhuvan has been releasing original (self-written and composed) singles for a few years now. Heer Ranjha has been his most record-breaking single till now, as it was also trending nationwide at #2 on Twitter, and #1 on YouTube (currently at #4). Bhuvan has always been a musician first and content creator second as his career as an artist started from singing at restaurants before the extraordinary success of his BB Ki Vines.

The 26-year-old entertainer as he would call himself is adored by his fans who never fail to push the limits with every single piece of content released by Bhuvan. The music production of the song has been done by Bhuvan’s close friend Omkar Tamhan.

The video maps the incomplete love story of a couple who isn’t together despite their tireless efforts to make it work. It also takes you back into the dreamy moments they created in the past and how they are both imagining being next to each other.

Speaking on the massive success of the Heer Ranjha, Bhuvan expressed “It’s unbelievable how much love and support I receive on every release. It’s motivating, overwhelming, and comforting, especially during the pandemic because none of us can meet each other. Although, through my social media, I connect with my audience, and their feedback on Heer Ranjha has been heartwarming. I was inspired to make this song because of how we’re all stuck inside our homes, away from friends, loved ones and the feeling of distance is infinite. It’s a song that is close to my heart, so I hope more and more people listen to it.”

A source from BBKiVines team revealed that Bhuvan announced on Instagram that his fans can also create their version of the track Heer Ranjha, either the music video or a rendition of the song which he'll be happy to share on his social media. Unlike other artists, Bhuvan has granted access to Heer Ranjha in a way that if used in a video, creators won't get copyright strikes and also be able to monetize their videos. This practice is not followed by artists usually and is a great way to support and promote newer talent.

You can listen to Heer Ranjha on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Gaana, and iTunes.


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