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Sony SAB’s thought-provoking show Shubh Laabh - Aapkey Ghar Mein continues to engross audiences across the country with its unique storyline of which take a step forward in bringing to its audiences a fresh perspective on life and living truly and authentically. The latest episode comes with an unexpected twist as the divine Goddess Laxmi (Chhavvi Pandey) asks Savita (Geetanjali Tikekar) to fulfil her wish.

In an unexpected turn of events, after fulfilling Savita’s two wishes, Goddess Laxmi asks her devotee Savita to organize a bhandara for her, Savita gladly accepts, however Goddess Laxmi has a condition in place. For Goddess’ wish to be fulfilled, Savita has to convince Rohit, who is someone who does not believe in donations and charity to sponsor the event. Shreya (Tanisha Mehta) and Vaibhav (Aashay Mishra) trick Rohit (Mithil Jain) into donating the amount by telling him it is for a lottery. However, preparation for the bhandara is faced with many obstacles as Savita gets injured, simultaneously Preeti (Kinjal Pandya) is upto no good as she spoils the food which Shreya and Vaibhav prepare for the attendees!

How will Laxmi Maa react when she finds out Rohit was tricked into giving the donation? Will Shreya and Vaibhav accidentally serve the spoiled food? Will the event go smoothly?

Geetanjali Tikekar essaying the role of Savita said, “We are now at a stage where Savita has met Goddess Laxmi and now, she has fulfilled two of her most desired wishes and something rather rare has happened, Goddess Laxmi has asked for a wish from Savita in return. For Goddess Laxmi to ask for a wish is so unusual, it is also the biggest honour for a devotee to be able to fulfil the wish. However, things are never easy sailing for Savita and Preeti is determined to ruin the event. It will be exciting for the viewers to see how the event unfolds and if Goddess Laxmi’s wish will be fulfilled by Savita as anticipated. It will also be interesting to learn the motive that Goddess Laxmi has behind her wish.”

Keep watching Shubh Laabh- Aapkey Ghar Mein, every Monday to Saturday at 09:30 PM on Sony SAB

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