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The first of its kind event sets a record in the India Book of Records!

Neha Dhupia and Mira Rajput flagged-off the 1KM symbolic walk, encouraging mothers to take #BigLittleSteps towards fitness

Mumbai - In line with Bio-Oil’s quest to make every motherhood journey a smooth and comfortable one, the brand’s new initiative Bio-Oil PregathonTM witnessed over 375 Mumbaikar mothers-to-be take their #BigLittleSteps towards a fitter motherhood. In it’s first edition, the event sets a world record of ‘maximum pregnant women walking together for fitness’ in the India Book of Records which saw celebrity mothers; Neha Dhupia and Mira Kapoor flag-off the 1KM symbolic walk, as an expression of self-love, at Hotel Sofitel, BKC.

The Bio-Oil PregathonTM aims at inspiring mothers-to-be to take #BigLittleSteps towards self-care and self-love in their journey to motherhood, which can prove to be a trying one filled with questions and uncertainties. The event emphasised on the importance of fitness during pregnancy with warm-up sessions hosted by Dr Vandana Shetty & fitness expert Puja Amin, owner of Movement Sanctuary. Post the completion of the walk, the mothers-to-be were pampered with a collective baby shower for all which included foot massages, a wholesome brunch spread, a lucky draw for 3 mothers who won a pre-natal photoshoot and a tête-à-tête with celebrity mothers Neha Dhupia and Mira Kapoor.

Celebrity mother, Neha Dhupia added, “Walking with 375 expecting mothers was a surreal feeling. Their joy and happiness is contagious and took me back to the time when I was expecting my daughter. Bio-Oil PregathonTM is a wonderful initiative, not only to bring expecting mothers together in support of each other but also serving as a reminder for taking those #BigLittleSteps towards self-love and focus on fitness during their pregnancy journey. I am really thrilled to be a part of Bio-Oil PregathonTM as I’m sure this has inspired many others to think about themselves too while on their journey to embracing a fitter motherhood.”

Mother of two, Mira Kapoor shared, “The Bio-Oil PregathonTM stems from such a beautiful and mindful thought of self-love and care during the journey of motherhood which usually takes a back-seat for every woman. Having been there myself, I can understand the challenges and self-doubt most of the mothers-to-be here must be going through. I am glad to be a part of Bio-Oil’s endeavour to enable these moms take #BigLittleSteps towards a fitter, healthier pregnancy journey.”

With participation from over 375 pregnant women, the Bio-Oil PregathonTM set a new record of ‘Maximum Pregnant Women Walking Together For Fitness’ in the India Book of Records – an affiliate to Asia Book of Records.

India Book of Records are dedicated to identify the excellence and to honour the most deserving contender while maintaining the highest level of transparency and executing it with most fair process. India Book of Records is registered with the Government of India and is affiliated to Asia Book of Records.

Bio-Oil, a specialist skincare brand has always believed in addressing concerns and crucial questions about women during their pregnancy. Whether it has been about accepting and embracing the body changes that women go through or the important role of friends and family in their pregnancy journey, Bio-Oil has been an enabler for women to come together and share their experiences and take inspiration for a better and unstretched journey. The Bio-Oil PregathonTM is one such initiative in the direction of bringing mothers together and enabling them to take those #BigLittleSteps towards self-love and care.


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