Bipasha Basu & Karan Singh Grover celebrates their first Valentine’s Day post marriage!

On the eve of Valentine’s Day – their first post marriage, the lovely couple – Bipasha Basu and her husband Karan Singh Grover who is head-over-heels in love with each other talks about love and what draws them closer together.

Bipasha, who needs a reason to celebrate, says, “I love it because I love occasions. I need a reason to celebrate and Valentine’s Day is a day of love. If there is one official day to claim your love for everybody that you love, it is today.”

Her dearest hubby Karan who doesn’t really look forward to such celebrations, adds, “I was not very big on days like these or celebrations of any kind, but after meeting Bipasha that’s changed quite a bit. She likes to celebrate and being around her, while she’s celebrating is just very infectious."

Sharing their idea of their perfect Valentine’s date, Bipasha explains, “Anything — great food, laughing a lot, any lovely place to sit and relax. Great food is a necessity... Karan makes me laugh a lot so I love it.”

Karan adds, “For me knowing that she’s having her perfect Valentine’s Day is good enough. That and she’s happy and getting the food that she wants is my perfect date. I love the beach and candlelight dinners but there’s no point in having a candlelight dinner if she’s not getting the food she wants.”

While Bipasha thought of having family dinner with her better-half this Valentine’s Day, Karan is okay with anything that makes her happy. So cute!

“We went through a very tough time together because we liked each other, but we were in different worlds and to make that possible was pretty much impossible in our heads so we denied each other. We were attracted to each other, but we consciously tried to stay away. It’s like a film where we tried our best to keep away from each other and we failed. You can’t pinpoint a day,” explains Bipasha.

“It’s not like we are children and we have been through our set of experiences. You understand attraction, infatuation and all those things but there’s that and much more. It unnerves and you want to understand why you want to be with that person. Everything about Bipasha bowled me over but when you get over her beauty there’s an aura about her which just makes me happy. There are not many people in the world whose presence makes everything nice around them, even if she walks through a swamp she will leave flowers growing behind her,” Karan adds.