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Sony SAB’s light-hearted comedy show Carry On Alia, recently introduced an exciting new storyline as Alia along with other teachers embark on a new journey as television news reporters. Sony SAB’s bubbly Alia recently witnessed a new makeover where she continues her journey from classroom to newsroom. As their journey progress, Alia and Alok take a moment to applaud the efforts put in daily by real-life journalists from across the country.

The show with a refreshing take on news reporting with Alia adding her own magic as a news anchor is enthralling its audience with the new story set up in a news channel ”Desh Ki Dhadkan”. This new direction is a fun-filled ride as Alia and team accomplish their mission to solve pressing local issues and incidents using their journalism skills and out-of-the-box ideas. Alia will be spreading happiness as a bubbly news anchor whereas Alok will set foot as the dashing sports and health reporter.

Talking about their experience and expressing their appreciation for this profession, Anusha said, “The response from our fans for 'Carry On Alia' has been extremely encouraging and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our fans for loving us in our new avatar. As a part of the show’s revamped storyline, I am a news anchor/reporter along with a team of highly-dedicated news reporters. As we carry on with our new journey, I want to thank all the reporters and cameramen who relentlessly work to bring all the latest news to us. Delivering news under the toughest circumstances to weathering the storms for their ‘seedha prasaran’, the tasks of a reporter are never ending. While I've always had immense respect and love for all the journalists, the new script has helped us respect everyone involved in the profession a lot more.”

Harshad Arora expressing his gratitude to this tough line of work, said, “I am an avid follower of news and now that we run a news channel on-screen, I am in a way, closely witnessing the hustle-bustle of the news channel. The term newsroom pressure is real. We are blessed to live in a country with so many people dedicated to choosing journalism as their profession and also relentlessly keeping us updated. I am always trying to observe the news reporters closely these days to get hold of the nuances and I must say it isn’t that easy. Fans of Carry on Alia are currently seeing us essay the roles of reporters and enjoy our light-hearted comical version of a hustling news channel Desh Ki Dhadkan.”

Witness Anusha Mishara and Harshad Arora are rookie reporters only on Carry On Alia every Monday to Friday at 7:30PM only on Sony SAB

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