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Indian “Entertainment and Rewards” App Boltt Play is a Tik Tok clone that rewards Users and Content Creators for watching short funny videos and posting these videos on the App.

It rewards users for watching the videos. It rewards content creators for posting videos! Rewards are in the form of exciting branded offers and experiences. The App has in an App shop of wide range of premium offers.

Popular brands in Fashion, Electronics and other categories, have put up their offers on the Boltt Play App. This leads to an alternative commerce, product discovery and marketing channels for these brands.

This is taking Tik Tok to another level by adding an element of rewards and commerce on top of it. By doing this, the company has built in a monetisation angle from day one.

The App also has other features like listening to unlimited free music, watching movies and playing games. For doing all these activities, that people anyway love doing every day, they are rewarded with exciting branded rewards and offers in an In App Shop. The App has strong partners both in terms of Content and Rewards.

Boltt Play has seen a 10X surge in downloads after the Indian government on 29 June banned 59 Chinese apps. The App is also seeing a robust user engagement and time spent on the App per user is around 15-20 mins per day.

The ban on Chinese apps has given Indian apps a big push recently. Boltt Play is also one of them.

Post the ban, there has been a huge void in the market , that Indian Apps are trying to capitalise on. The influencers that were popular on Tik Tok are looking for alternative channels now.

“Many popular Tik Tok Inlfuencers have approached us and we are seeing a spike in the daily user levels and activity.” , said Arnav Kishore, CEO at Boltt Play.

Between TikTok, Helo, Likee, Vigo Video and Bigo Live, the apps share a user base of around 400 million users. All of those users seem to be seeking new platforms to go to.

Boltt Play aspires to take a major share in the pie, of Indian Apps, where these users can now go to.


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