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Sony SAB’s beloved Srinivas Wagle aka Aanjjan Srivastav from Wagle Ki Duniya significant step towards our fight against the pandemic by taking the COVID vaccine shot. The 73 year old veteran artist Aanjjan Srivastav who continues to win hearts with his exceptional performance as senior Wagle, also wants to inspire his fans as he urges people to get vaccinated.

Wagle Ki Duniya is set to witness Aanjjan Srivastav’s reel character being hesitant towards getting the vaccine and his journey of overcoming his fear in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Talking about his experience of getting vaccinated, Aanjjan said, “I recently got the Covid vaccine and I feel as a citizen of this country, it’s my duty towards everyone in his battle against this virus. I wasn’t hesitant to get the vaccine infact I was happy given I am shooting for Wagle Ki Duniya and being vaccinated means I am protecting myself and others around me. My wife also accompanied me to the centre. The entire process was really smooth and everything was well organized. While I was confident about getting the vaccine shot, my character Srinivas Wagle is quite hesitant, it will be interesting for our viewers to watch how he changes his mind. I would urge all my fans and viewers to diligently do their part in fighting these testing times. Only by doing so can we all emerge victorious and put an end to this unprecedented phase.”

Watch Srinivas Wagle’s journey towards getting the covid vaccine shot only on Wagle Ki Duniya every Monday-Friday at 9PM only on Sony SAB

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