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Cancer (Kark)

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. People born under this sign love their homes, their roots, their nests. The most sympathetic sign of the entire zodiac is Cancer, whose symbol is crab. They are sensitive and emotional and are very happy with the comfort of their home and family. And when they are peaceful on the domestic front, they perform at their best.

The natives of Cancer, nurtured by their original nature, possess a deep maternal instinct and are full of natural and natural knowledge. They want big families, which also provide defense for others. They make a shelter wherever they go. They are interested in traveling but they do not like to go far away from home because they have to go away from home. They become happy in the park or by having a picnic. He loves his family and his tradition very much. Participate in social activities. These great countries are devotees, you can see them proudly hoisting the national flag.

They are emotional. They are able to express and understand emotions well. They do not enjoy much in surface conversation. It can look very moody, shy and sometimes like children. But this shyness or apprehension is actually their own defense mechanism which protects them from heartache and emotional disturbance. Artistic and creative, people of Cancer, however, can be very possessive.

They are very introverted and these sensitive people are definitely not easily understood. They can hide their feelings well. As long as they are in a good mood they are kind and accommodating. When they are hurt unnecessarily, then their behavior becomes bitter and sad. At times they become insensitive, harsh, rude and short-tempered towards others, but only their sensitive partner is able to notice that their feelings of insecurity are hidden behind this behavior. They are admirable, kind, generous, sensible and indulgent if everything is fine around them.

They possess deep intellect. And they earn a name in the fields of art, sales, media, and performing arts. Money and material benefits are very important for them and although they are stingy in terms of spending their earned money, they can easily spend money suddenly.

They like to romance their opposite nature. They are attracted towards strong and successful people.

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