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Capricorn (Makar)

The natives of Capricorn are hardworking, devoted and loyal. Their lord planet is Saturn, due to which they become great disciplinar. The people of this zodiac reach the top in any field they choose. But let's move forward with utmost care and firm attitude.

They are alert about their point of view. They work hard to achieve their progress and prosperity and hate any easy path. They are considered harsh and arrogant but they are really humble and rich in nutritional ideology. When the other side of his character is seen, then his side of love and care is revealed. They do not panic from working even on vacation day to reach the top of their work and ambition. Their sense of responsibility and determination are beautiful, and they resolve any confusion. They are very practical and are dedicated to the extent of being stubborn to achieve their goals. They get their hard work in terms of fame, prestige and money.

Hardworking, honest, ambitious, tolerant, patient, and reliable Capricorn people rarely make any concessions so that their hard work will be reduced. They seek self-contained path, enduring all difficulties with discipline. They have a sense of duty, selflessness and devotion. They are praised for their persistence of purpose. This behavior makes them moody and quite self-destructive. But later on, they get respect for their experiences in life.

Their lord planet is spiritual Saturn. They set high standards for themselves and do not share their personal space or time for themselves with anyone. In search of time for themselves, one finds a difference in their private and public behavior.

Capricorn people can become smart businessmen who do not make hasty decisions. His ambition is that his life partner also climb the ladder of success, whether he is capable or not. They can work in the field of academics, industry, agriculture, antiques etc.

These are the most permanent zodiac signs of the zodiac. They give security, comfort and permanent support to their peers. They are the most trusted person.

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