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With each passing day, the competition seems to be getting tougher. While some are fighting it hard, some seem to be playing it cool. Now that Shehnaz has been crowned the captain of the house, she is on cloud 9 and making most of her leadership.

Fear takes over in the middle of the night as Vishal claims that there is someone in the house. He says that the door is opening and closing on its own. Paranoid, Madhurima too wakes up and says that even she is feeling something weird. Shehnaz expresses her concern and asks everyone to calm down while Vishal makes up a story.

The next morning, Shehnaz kick starts her captaincy by distributing house duties to the inmates. However, the housemates refuse to take up the duties allotted demanding duties of their choice. Later, Shehnaz faces a challenge when Madhurima rebels and sleeps despite multiple alarms. She claims she is unwell while Vishal supports her. Shehnaz is furious and warns Madhurima and Vishal to behave. However, Madhurima continues to sleep and refuses to do her duty of washing vessels.

Shehnaz punishes her by adding two more duties to her list and also hides her makeup box. The two have a tiff when Madhurima tells Shehnaz that she will make sure that Shehnaz doesn’t succeed in her captainship. Rashami adds fuel to the fire by saying Shehnaz is behaving more like a watchman than a captain.

The evening gets more entertaining when the ‘Dabur Amla - Miss Strong and Beautiful Hair’ contest is organized for the girls. Rashami, Shehnaz, Shefali Bagga, Mahira and Madhurima are the competitors. They have to first oil their hair with ‘Dabur Amla’ followed by a ramp walk. Sidharth and Asim are the judges. The girls walk the ramp flaunting their strong and beautiful hair. Sidharth and Asim do a quick question-and-answer round with them before they announce the name of the winner.

Will Shehnaz be a successful captain?

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