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Mumbai - Ever since its formation on 23rd August 2021, Delphic Council of Maharashtra has been a flag bearer when it comes to six major Arts categories. With International Delphic Council completing 27 years, the Maharastra Delphic council took it up to themselves to launch their first magazine “Reflections of Maharashtra” by the talented Shreyas Talpade. Along with the magazine, the Delphic theme song was also launched. The song is composed by Fuzon and sung my various artists from Bharat, Maldives and Egypt. Song launch was done by very talented Ms. Shreya Sharma who has also sung the song. Highlight of the song was 5 years old singer prodigy from Sikkim Ms. Esther Hnamte who has also sung the song beautifully.

The event kickstarted with the renowned violinist Sunita Khaund Bhuyan, followed by a fun collaborative Video by Korean Artists. They together put across a fusion song performance where Korean duo sang a Hindi song and a famous Korean song, The evening turned poetic with the talented actor Sakshi Tanwar along with Guru T Ladakhi reciting poems and the glamour quotient of the event was provided by a fashion show by Amy Bilimoria and Zareen khan was there as the showstopper. Delphic Nation Song was launched by Shreya Sharma.

Talking about same Shri Sahil Seth IRS , President Delphic Council of Maharashtra says: being part of Delphic has been an eye-opening journey for me and in past 6 months we have been able to align with many art lovers and artists and we realized there is so much more to do. Today's event was just a curtain raiser of our future plans and everyone can look forward to many path breaking activities and festivities in every part of Maharashtra.

Talking about the same Zareen Khan says,"I am feeling elated to be part of 27 years anniversary celebrations of International Delphic council . As an artist myself I totally support this platform which is working towards giving creative people global platform."

Talking about the same Sakshi Tanwar says: Happy to be a part of Delphic council Maharashtra. Hope this becomes a landmark movement in nurturing and promoting the arts and culture of our country and spreading peace and harmony throughout the world.

Event was curated by Pranita Pandit, Secretary General of Delphic Council Maharashtra, Rachna Puri, CEO and Founder of Vectormob, Avi Mittal, Vice President & Mr Ali Sultan Ahmed, Treasurer who and venue partner for the event was “Lord of the Drinks Worli”

This year in August the council was launched with the presents of Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra. At launch, the logo was symbolized as ‘WATER’ as a metaphor of Peace through the arts.

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