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In the wake of the Covid epidemic, despite the lock down, Central Railway has done remarkable work in transportation of parcel and goods during the first quarter (April-June) of this financial year. Central Railway has earned parcel revenue of Rs.59.25 crore in the first quarter (April-June) of this financial year which is an increase of 574% compared to corresponding period of last year.

Central Railway has also successfully achieved freight loading of 18.53 million tonnes in the first quarter of this financial year which is 51% more than the corresponding period of last year.

Kisan Rail has become a boon to farmers as their produce is reaching new avenues of market in lesser time. Central Railway is running 5 Kisan rails from Devlali to Muzaffarpur, Sangola to New Adarsh Nagar Delhi, Sangola to Shalimar, Raver to New Adarsh Nagar Delhi and Savda to New Adarsh Nagar Delhi. More than 533 Kisan Rail trips, transported 1.82 lakh tonnes of agri-products like fruits and vegetables including milk and perishables till now.

Because of extensive marketing efforts and Business Development Units, Central Railway has been able to capture new traffic of carbon black feed stock, ammonia, mill scale iron and steel, molasses, gypsum, dolomite, cotton bale, etc and have also been able to increase the existing traffic of automobile, onion, iron and steel, sugar, LPG and coal.

Central Railway's efforts are on to improve the performance in the coming days.

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