Om Puri will always be remembered as one of the finest actors we ever had. His prolific body of work crossed borders and appealed to audience not just in India but also internationally. Before his untimely death, in a fateful coincidence, he was working on Lashtam Pashtam, a film that celebrates the warmth of brotherhood and friendship beyond borders. He was so moved by its plot that he agreed to cut his remuneration to make the project feasible, reflecting the generosity of his spirit.

Director Manav Bhalla said, “I wanted to make Lashtam Pashtam in the true spirit of freedom of human relationships, and a bond of brotherhood against all odds. Of course, there were budgetary concerns. But since I had written the film keeping the late Om Puri ji in mind, I wanted him to hear it. When he did, he loved the script so much that he immediately decided to cut his fees. I was so touched by this, as this made my film easier to make and finance. I will forever be grateful to this generous cinema genius, whose kindness was always a part of his persona. Lashtam Pashtam highlights the values that Om ji held very dear - as a human being and as an actor - universal peace and harmony and is aptly set to release on this Independence Day Weekend. I will forever cherish having worked with Om ji on (probably) his last film and my first.”

Produced by Manav Bhalla and Gheorghe Seran,

Lashtam Pashtam salutes friendship and brotherhood beyond borders.

It is directed by debutant Manav Bhalla and will release worldwide on 10th August. Trailer out Now.