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~ ’Sukhi Mansacha Sadara’ and ‘Chandra Ahe Sakshila’ to go on air on 25th October and 11th November respectively ~

Mumbai - The year 2020 witnessed unprecedented change and disruption. COLORS Marathi, with a brand new ethos, ‘Navi Umed, Navi Bharari’ stayed true to its promise of providing culturally rooted content to its viewers, to keep them entertained at all times. Steadfast in its commitment to further provide wholesome entertainment, COLORS Marathi, is all set to delight its viewers with the launch of two new shows to instil hope and positivity.

On the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami, ‘Sukhi Mansacha Sadara’ will launch on 25th October with a special episode and will air every Monday to Saturday at 9:30 pm. This show will treat viewers with guaranteed entertainment with an underlying focus on searching for inner happiness hidden within, in today’s stressful times. In addition to this, the channel is set to launch another show titled ‘Chandra Ahe Sakshila’ which will go on-air on 11th November, 2020.

Elaborating on the new show launches, Deepak Rajadhyaksha, Programming Head, COLORS Marathi, said, “At COLORS Marathi, we have always believed in narrating stories with a touch of cultural essence which our viewers can resonate with. With the launch of these two shows, it is our earnest effort to keep our viewers’ entertainment quotient high. With a new brand promise of Navi Umed, Navi Bharari, we are sure that the storyline of ‘Sukhi Mansacha Sadara’ and ‘Chandra Ahe Sakshila’ will manage to strike a chord with our audience. We are hopeful to further strengthen this bond with our unwavering commitment of providing compelling and meaningful stories.”

With existing shows such as Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi, Balumamachya Navana ChangaBhala, Jeev Zala YedaPisa, Swamini, Sundara ManaMadhye Bharali and Shubhmangal Online and upcoming original content, COLORS Marathi promises to add more flavour to viewers’ evening prime time.

Presented by P.N Gadgil & Sons and powered by Wagh Bakri Tea, CamPure & Suhana Masale, ‘Sukhi Mansacha Sadara’ highlights the importance of finding real happiness in the smallest of things in a competing world where everyone is running behind materialistic success. On the other hand, ‘Chandra Ahe Sakshila’, a story of love, deceit and betrayal, witnesses the journey of an educated working woman whose desire to lead a happy life is destroyed when a man with hurtful intentions enters her life.

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