We have seen Chakor’s journey from a confident little girl, to becoming a mother and the various struggles she fought with courage for justice. Born to parents who were bonded labourers, Chakor, a free-spirited girl refused to get bogged down by fate and broke free from the shackles of bonded labour. As the story moves ahead, the viewers will witness a leap of seven years with a similar journey, that of Chakor’s daughter Anjor. Separated by faith and unaware about each other’s identity, Anjor was kidnapped by Imli because of her vindictive intentions against Chakor and Sooraj.

Anjor, will have a resemblance to Chakor and has also embedded Chakor's traits like honesty, determination and choses to enjoy her life. Chakor, who will be seen as a teacher in an NGO ends up meeting Anjor as part of her student group. Even though they are oblivious to their relation, Chakor and Anjor will grow to have a strong bond, one built on love and mutual respect.

The story will further intensify, when Sooraj’s brother Ghumaan Singh (Mohammad Nazim) and Imli join hands with each other to take down Sooraj's empire.

Talking about his role, Mohammad Nazim said, “Udann has been a long running show on television and is very popular amongst the audience so I am looking forward to being associated with it. This character of Ghumaan Singh is very different to what I have portrayed earlier. This is the first time that I have been offered to play a negative role and I'm ecstatic to bring Ghumaan Singh to life.

I wanted to do a very intense role where action and emotions, both were demanding in equal proportion. I was hoping to get such an opportunity that would challenge my acting skills and I’m thankful to COLORS for considering me.”

Commenting on the leap, Meera Deosthale said, “Chakor has always strived and fought against her perpetrators.

The time leap will introduce audiences to a new side of Chakor, where she has become a different person who has a more serious outlook towards life. Because of all the unexpected situations in her life, she has changed as a person. As an actor I feel blessed to be playing such a versatile character and I am looking forward to this new storyline that will be revealed soon.”


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