We all are well aware about the pandemic that has affected the life of everyone but it has also given us time to come out and spread our creativity on various platforms ..

Dushyant Kapoor who is known for his superhero series such as Suit Boy, Naari, Mahakaal, Doraemon and many more fiction stories with aims to spread powerful message recently released another short film for all his fans called 'Corona 2049'.

Dushyant's 'Corona 2049' aims to spread a message to wake up and save the earth for our self and for the betterment of our future generation.

'Corona 2049' is an astonishing short film in which a young boy from the year 2049 named “Washi” played by Dushyant has to go through enormous amounts of pain and hard work for even a few drops of water which would help him survive on the planet. And how he was pushed into such a worst situation due to his ancestors as they did not take proper care of the earth.

Dushyant stands out to give a wonderful message to his audience that we as humans on this earth do not realize the pain we give our mother earth. The film ends with a powerful message which leaves the audience to think "What if corona is not a sickness but a cure, and we are the virus to the earth".

"The number of deaths due to covid is heart breaking following the burning of forests and lack of glaciers and so many other disasters have happened this year which shocked me so badly and made me think that what will happen to the future generations who will directly or indirectly suffer due to this. So I decided to come up with a short film called Corona 2049 which could spread a strong message to the audience all over the world to save our mother Earth, and be kind towards her.. and while making this short film I was so emotional that it really brought me to tears, about how we have damaged our planet who has only given us so much of love, care and protection. I just hope after seeing my short film people will aim to change themselves and protect Earth." exclaimed Actor-Director Dushyant Kapoor

The short film Corona 2049 has already crossed over more than 8.5 million views on YouTube and was even a part of the top trending on YouTube.